Teasers & Excerpts Month

The beginning of a new year is wrought with...well, new things. New ideas. New plans. And I decided to take February as the month of introducing my own new stories to the world!


Every Friday of the month, I reveal a teaser—bits and pieces of a story—and excerpts—full-length chapters or scenes—to my Archive of Our Own collection, Vergissmeinnicht. That means a total of four from four different stories and ideas! 

Sometimes, I plan on spoiling my readers and allow multiple sneak peeks in one day. It'll be up to my mood that day, unfortunately. Or maybe...fortunately.


The main reason for T&E Month is simple and selfish. I want to get people interested in my future work and my works in progress. Nothing big, nothing grand. 

It's also a small way to pat myself on the back for having so many stories and ideas—which are currently at a total of 40 as of December 2020! And that's just since 2017!

How it functions 

Aside from putting out teasers and excerpts, I also intend to interact with my readers and/or anyone else who comes into my Discord server, Stories by Mar Qaroll, make videos on Facebook Live, and stream on my Twitch channel, Qarollverse. I won't necessarily be doing them all at once...!

I hope... o.o

I also intend on ranting a lot about my characters, plots, and stories for the heck of it! Fun times!

In conclusion...

I hope you enjoy the Teasers & Excerpts Months. It's a bit of pressure on me, but I have high hopes for myself. Who knows what'll happen...?

Oh, and I forgot to mention—the event will be announced on Facebook as well. Stay alert by following my Facebook page!

See you! 🤘🏾

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