Teasers & Excerpts Month 2021


(A.k.a. let's act as if 2019 and 2020 didn't exist, okay?? 😅)


  • Darkness and Silver Lining (Inverse Sequences main story)
  • Demon(s) and the Grimmworld (main story in the world of Sperth)
  • Bugaboo & The Grinn King (dark erotica about an ancient creature and its reluctant mate)
  • KING (the story of how Lucifer fell according to the Paneidoverse)
  • Human Shed Skin: Human (Book 2; the continuation of Jean's story)
  • Liquorish (erotic merman romance with mpreg)

Choices in detail:

Darkness and Silver Lining

Every thousand years, the system of Reon's fate is determined by one of the two Essence Forces of Light and Darkness obtaining the power of a nigh-sentient comet. Alongside his comrades and his ward Briél, the Hilikzian knight Bastar intends to find aid in the form of a wary alliance between Light and another, far more ancient force against Darkness. However, he has secrets. He loves his ward, and he loves his best friend, Nevan. But only one of them knows the truth of his existence, that he is one of Darkness. 

He knows his aligned Force will fail in its attempt to snuff out the light. What even he wonders is whether he will be willing to perish with it when its time comes.

Demon(s) and the Grimmworld

For millennia, humans and demons fought for the right to exist in the same world. At the center of the chaos is Azraello, a half-breed born from a twisted union of demon and human, on the run from those he once called family and friends. In the midst of sickness and peril, he learns of Valandau, a de-facto commander in a dysfunctional rebel group consisting of other hybrids like himself. The rebels shun the mindlessness of the war, and they have learned of a world much kinder than their own. 

The plan: Survive the plight of a bioorganic virus. The goal: Migrate to Daerth for a chance to live.


Dero is a broken, bitter man. He wasn't always so. He once had a husband, Jorah, and they would fish out on the rowdiest seas with their companions. One day, Jorah fell overboard. Of all their friends, Jorah was the only one they lost. Dero, having jumped into the turbulent waves in a futile attempt to save the man he loved above all else, watched as the ocean drowned him before his eyes.

Today, Dero drinks like a fish. He talks to no one. He retired from his life as a fisherman and, unable to pull himself from the place his husband died, is instead a lighthouse keeper.

Perhaps, the ocean has plans for him. Perhaps, just perhaps, the strange, tentacled merman he swears isn't out there is a reincarnation of his dearly departed...

Human Shed Skin: Human

Five years after the new millennium, Jean continues to live as a merciless inhuman hunter, but with the added weight of being an inhuman, himself. He lives a dual life with his family and hunters on Isle Veni and his small family created with Celezar in Connecticut. As his fellow Hunters have learned from the past ordeals to work together and adapt, it is becoming harder to maintain his secrets. All the while, he learns of terrible truths that may be the catalyst he needs to break away from Lowell tradition. 

He will learn who the real monsters are—those who dare to show what they are or those who hide behind the guise of saints.

Bugaboo & The Grinn KingA horrific, dark story with my "version" of Slenderman; a dark erotica about an ancient creature and its reluctant mate. Has rape in it and isn't quite pleasant.

KINGMy version of how Lucifer fell according to my shared universe, Paneidoverse.

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