Prologue: About This Blog

'Lo and welcome! My name is Mar Qaroll. I am a 90s-born black trans man who is the author of several stories as of 2021. Since 2017, I have completed a total of eight with many more to come. At least thirty, in fact! I plan to upload several of these stories onto Wattpad, Archive of Our Own, and World Anvil with the possibility of Inkitt as well! 

This blog is my own little place to ramble and rant specifically about my stories. This includes development, spoilers, and more! I want to interact with whatever possible little "fanbase" I have, either now or in the future, and this is where I want it all to start. A humble little Blogger blog. One day, these entries will migrate to my own "real" author site.

But a beginning is a beginning.

If you like paranormal and supernatural tales, science-fantasy, homoerotica, erotic romance, and interconnecting stories across various worlds, you might like the stories I weave. Might, considering the things I write...

Come along on these journeys with me as I divulge all the "secrets" and behind-the-scenes information about my worlds...!