Saturday, February 6, 2021

LIQUORISH development #6 – Homebase

With (most of the) major things out of the way for Liq, now I have somewhat figured out where I will be uploading this story...

Well, it isn't a one-shot, so putting it on AO3 isn't quite needed for that reason. At the same time, it is erotica. Would I classify it as pointless erotica? I'm not quite sure, myself. Passions of the Lune/Possibilities on a Moonlit Night is definitely pointless. It's pretty much a one-shot, which I could probably make it into! 

...Huh. I'll have to consider that...

Otherwise, Liq is...well, it has a plot. Ish. So, for now, I'm considering putting it on Wattpad as a short erotic romance novella. 

I might change my mind, but that's that for now.

How does this sound?

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