Wednesday, February 3, 2021

LIQUORISH development #5 – Cover art

Firstly, I'd like to appreciate the change to the Liq logo:

Haha! Some color! Just a bit to be noticeable. It's not perfect, but...

Right, so, the cover of Liquorish has gone through...ah...a few variations...

For the vamp/were plots
For the Minkey/Garnet plot

Now, these two existed for good reasons!! They did. Both were for the first three original plot ideas. Of them, the only one that really sort of works is the second. If I was keeping said plot or at least the name Liq for the third variation, I'd probably still use the second cover. Maybe.

But since I seem to be going for this merfolk story...let's ignore both.

The new cover for Liq is...!

Looks pretty good, yeah? Decent, if nothing else. It was fun to make the tentacles. It really looks like an actual cover now, instead of whatever the hell those other two were.

Since this will take place in Daerth, the world of Human Shed Skin, I used the Trajan-Regular font, since that's my "unofficial" font for Daerth stories. 

Next, I think I'll work on when and how I should write this story...

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