Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Proposed writing schedule until March #2

I'm having some problems with figuring out exactly what I'll be working on for the next two months. I have to figure it all out before February, so let's go.

Firstly, Inhuman's 11th revision is pretty much done. A win! I'm steadily uploading it to Wattpad and might have to speed up my uploads since I also want it completely uploaded before February. 

Originally, I was thinking of working on God Noise again after Inhuman, but I'm thinking otherwise now. I want to continue working in the world of Daerth, so that means either working on the 2nd rewrite of Human, the second book in the Human Shed Skin series, or working on a plotline seen in Hybrid, the third book in the series, called She's One of Us [Deviled Vers.]

Making up my mind is taking some time. 

At the same time, I kind of want to participate in the Now What? months (that take place after NaNoWriMo) by making my pledge to revise God Noise Vol. I vers. 4 in February. 

There's nothing wrong with not participating in the Now What? months. So, maybe I shouldn't fret so much. I truly thought I had this all figured out...

The second proposed writing schedule is such:

  1. January - Finishing Inhuman's 11th revision and uploading it to Wattpad
  2. February - She's One of Us [Deviled Vers.]'s initial draft (draft 0)
  3. March - ??
  4. April Camp NaNoWriMo - Beginning and finishing God Noise Vol. I vers. 5

So, March is open. Perhaps I should work on Human during March...?

There is also July's Camp NaNoWriMo. But I'll worry about that after April. The next quarter of the year can be figured out then.

That's how things are looking right now. It's fun to work through a story at a time during the year. I should do this forever. It's...fulfilling. 

In fact, next year can be the year I focus on Inverse Sequences...Hmm, something to think about! 🤔

Other things

I have my third (?) follower on Wattpad! It seems the original third follower decided to leave, but that's okay. I might get them back, who knows?

Ah, and now that it is midnight, I shall upload the next chapters for God Noise and Inhuman...


  1. Wow! Impressive schedule! I don't even have those!

    1. Thanks! Ah, my schedules usually end up...erm, screwed, so this is tentative, at most. 😆


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