Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New story idea! | LIQUORISH

Or this logo??
This logo?

It's a new idea, once again taking place in the universe of all my other stories (as part of the Paneidoverse).

Why am I talking about it if it is just a mere idea?

Well, I have to have something to work on while I wait for a better internet. And since I can work on the admittedly awesome Wattpad editor on my phone, I thought I would bring forth this new idea.

The thing is, this idea has already changed three times! First, it was a paranormal erotic romance, then it became a paranormal romance, and now it's...something else. Something strange but old. That's the best way I can put it. Old ideas, new ideas, mixed together...

Here are the two original summaries:

Vers. 1

Dero is a man who loves to drink—a lot. Don't worry, it's impossible for werewolves to become alcoholics, let alone an "alpha", as humans call it, like himself. 
For too long, he has spent his time in a town too dangerous for inhumans like himself, one of hunters and proud xenophobes. Just when he considers leaving, a series of killings start happening. And just when he thinks he's wasting his time on helping the townspeople find the messy perpetrator, he finds him: His mate. 
Problem is, his mate is a painfully young vampire...who has never seen the light of day before. Saddle up them drinks, Dero. This road is paved with monstrous sex, blind confusion, mindless lust, and maybe—just maybe—eventual love.

Vers. 2

Dero is an "alpha" lycanth, as humans call it, on the search for his mate to start a pack. Having searched for almost a hundred years, he has become jaded and disheartened.

However, after deciding to follow the trail of another inhuman that attacked a child, he finds him, at last.

His mate.

Problem is, his mate is a painfully young nosferatu who doesn't even know what he is or how he came into being.

To find the answers to his mate's past, and to learn about his mate, Dero decides to go on a trip halfway across the country to find a place his mate can meet an elder nosferatu for help.



Third vers.

Now, the third idea. It is the "old/new" mix thing...

I had an idea I created in 2006 called...something about seasons. It had a gahd-awful title, okay? Anyway, it went on the backburner for years. Then this title comes around and, while wracking my brain for plot ideas, this comes to me!

Mind you, all of this except for the last three sentences is stuff I wrote fifteen-ish years ago:

Six words were said to him when he met...it.

"So, what the hell are you?" 

Their meeting began with that crude, uncaring sentence. It sounded as if it came from the mouth of a man on an equally cruel, cold rainy day. There had been a familiar, deliciously rusty smell of blood in the air, the watery ground below the "man" was mixed with sanguine.

He remembered glancing to the long fingers to see the rich liquid dripping down from its arms, and then looked at its face between unkempt locks to greet bloodstained features. Not even the rain could wash it all away. 

Its eyes were wide and wild, like nightlights glowing from a dark face.

That was the day he met his other half. 

His opposite, the liquid to his solid.

...It reeked of liquor.

This is the only one that goes best with the title, Liquorish, but. 

I don't know...something's...missing. 

Yes, it is important that I have something to work on while I wait. I'll dive deeper into my depression, otherwise.

I'd love some input on the three ideas, particularly the last one! 

What comes to mind when you look at the word "liquorish" with its spelling, knowing it is a mix of liquor and licorice...?

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