Wednesday, January 27, 2021

INHUMAN update and new story ideas!


I did it! I finished the 5th version and 11th revision of Inhuman! I finished yesterday, and ahh, what a feeling that was. 🥳

There might also be a bonus 30th chapter next month...! Look out for the announcement!

Now, for these next four days, before February's Month of..., I have to do something. Seriously, I do, otherwise I shall go insane. So, I was thinking of a new story idea—alright, it's two, actually.

Firstly, I finally came up with a more solid idea for that Minkey/Garnet idea I mentioned back when I was trying to figure out what to do with the original Liquorish thoughts...ideas...things. Hm, I hope that sentence made sense...

Now, the name might not seem like it makes sense, but I assure you, it does. Here is the (temporary) cover!


Feels like the darned thing is going to come at me any moment... o.o

The only thing that bothers me about this cover is the "That" is too close to Boy and Bitched. Ah, well. This is temporary...

What say you about it, folks? Could I do better? Can I do better?? Probably. But temporary covers are, well, temporary.

And now...!

A new story!

A brand new story I've had in mind for some time finally has an established plot and name! It is my second psychological horror story. The first is the retelling of Alice in Wonderland, and I don't think that is even as psychological as this one? 

At least, I'm hoping I have the definitions for "psychological horror" correct. Otherwise, I shall be a sad man.

I can't wait to start working on it. Thing is, I don't know when I should. I'm quite excited about it, even more than I am for Liq. In fact, I've realized I don't have much of anything to really do for Liquorish right now? An idea, yes, but not exactly a coherent story. So, I might swap working on Liq for working on this new story instead.

Its name is A King and His Pawn.

This is one version of its title! I worked hard on this one and it truly paid off!


Raith committed a great sin. Since then, he finds life insipid, pointless, and treacherous. He is a King who refuses to sit on his Throne. The only thing stopping him from killing himself is one hell of a secret literally the only thing keeping him alive. The Pawn yearns to be used and controlled. That is his role. For his King, the Pawn will do anything...even if it means fighting him to the bitter end.


That puts my list of original stories at 41 since I switched a different one for this one. The other wasn't developed well. This is. It most definitely is. I can't wait to work on it! I'll talk about the schedule again tomorrow—if I can get online, anyway. So far, so good.

What will I work on for these next four days, I wonder...?

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