Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Month of SHE'S ONE OF US

February, along with being Teasers & Excerpts Month, is A Month of She's One of Us! This novella, or what I intend to be a novella, takes place in the wonderful, well-developed world of Human Shed Skin. But before I get into what my intentions are for this month's project, let's go with the summary.

It needs some work, but that's okay...


Antonio Alighieri is a nephilim, the child of a Fallen and a human. As a lone inhuman hunter, he's had his fair share of foreign situations. Nothing was like the one that brought his adoptive daughter, Patiel, into his life. His daughter is his rock, his world, and a dearly beloved member of his destroyed family. But after a chance encounter, Patty's biological family discovers her.

This situation is entirely new to him, and the family she belongs to is murderous to bring her back. They will learn, however, the girl is not quite one of them.

Month's intentions

This month, I hope and plan to not only finish this story but possibly upload it to Wattpad despite it being its first version ever written. Who knows? So far, I'm thinking of working in the Wattpad editor and transferring the chapters to my PC later on. Sounds like the best plan of action, methinks.

By the way, did you know this plot is part of the third book in Human Shed Skin, Hybrid? This "Deviled Version" just happens to be from Antonio's point of view! When I finally get around to Hybrid, you will be reading it from Jean's perspective. Greatness, I tell you. 😛

Possible conflicts with T&E Month?

I don't particularly see this being a problem. T&E Month is all about uploading work I have already written, whereas She's One of Us [Deviled Vers.] has never been written before. I could also just work on it every day except the Fridays of the month...

Sounds solid.

To continue...

I cannot wait to start this! I have a great load of this story written, in fact, and it is otherwise fully developed in my mind. Who knows? I might even tease the original story that'll be seen in Hybrid during this month, too!

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