Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Month of INHUMAN

I officially name January 2021 the Month of INHUMAN!...At least this version, anyway. I'm excited to say that this 11th rewrite of the story is going very well! It's over 110k words in and isn't even complete yet! I think I will complete it much earlier than expected, meaning as soon as my internet is stable again, I'll immediately upload at least two chapters a week—if not daily! 

I can't fricking wait for stable internet, I freaking swear...

As part of this month—or at least in eventual celebration of it—I've decided to share some outdated or alternate scenes from older versions of Inhuman, which is going to be thoroughly embarrassing. I'm only going to share what I think are the best of the best!

If I cannot upload to Wattpad or anywhere else by the end of the month, I'll surprise everyone with at least one one-shot from Celezar's perspective. It's one of my personal favorites!

Regardless, these scenes and one-shots will be uploaded to AO3. Remember, Wattpad and World Anvil are for full-length stories. 

I'm hoping it isn't too early to be jumping the gun on this. I am so tired of not having anything to upload due to my mental health or other real-life problems, I really am.

Also, if I am indeed unable to upload these stories onto AO3 this month, I will make it up whenever I get internet stability.

My alpha-reader is looking over Inhuman's 11th rewrite now, so hopefully, it won't have too many errors when I upload it.

Fingers crossed, everyone! 🤞🏾

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