Sunday, January 3, 2021

2021 Plans

I will tentatively say, Happy New Year, ev'ryone!

A new year, new hopes. It opens with me working exclusively on mobile, so please excuse errors and such...

As I have announced on my Facebook page, my depression has been excruciatingly poor lately. Any and pretty much all development on my "Qarollverse" has come to a halt...

Yet, in spite of that, I managed to finish a brand new story anyway—my longest so far, in fact! 

Great googly moogly, what a year 2020 was...

I am also quite aware my plans to upload this and upload that have been all over the place since 2017. There wasn't a clear idea as to where I would situate myself as an author. There still isn't; I mean, there are a million places one can put their stories online. How does one choose??

So, I have chosen three for 2021 and, hopefully, beyond: Archive of Our Own, World Anvil, and Wattpad.

Each has a particular "role"...

Archive of Our Own

AO3, best known for allowing all and any content, will be the base for my "pointless smut"—as in stories that lack major plot and are completely sexual—and one-shots. Such stories include one already uploaded up there, Passions of the Lune, and the one-shots part of the Human Shed Skin series. 

World Anvil

World Anvil is the wonderful place for all major stories with major impacts on the worlds they are part of, such as Alice is Wunderlost for Wundergrund, Darkness and Silver Lining for Reon System, and so forth. Simple and clean.


Lastly, Wattpad is the place for all stories that will go onto World Anvil as well as stories that are standalones, such as Liquorish, Bebedarrl, etc. So, Anvilites and Wattpadders alike will have access to my major stories!

To continue...

And that's that. Hopefully it won't change in the next several years because, damn, there are just too many places to upload stories online. Can we all agree with that??

Because 2021 opens up with a million real-world complications and reasons for high anxiety, I cannot say what will be uploaded or when or how yet. After all, I am working on mobile right now. I can't even upload more chapters of God Noise onto Wattpad since the remaining ones are all on my PC.

What a mess...

For now, I am going to try focusing on my mental health, even if that means doing some things I really shouldn't be doing, such as stalling with my packing (to move). 

Also. This is the month of Human Shed Skin: Inhuman! I have revised a total of 22 chapters and have added two more for this 11th rewrite! This is the version I hope to upload onto WA and Wattpad, so...If I can finish it before the 31st, I will be a happy fool.

I might—just might—be able to have some entries up here pertaining to Inhuman vers 5, too...

That is is it, I think. Thank you for sticking with my madness for the past three years! Let us hope 2021 is the year 2020 was supposed to have been...

Or something.

Let's go for it!!

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