Saturday, February 6, 2021

LIQUORISH development #6 – Homebase

With (most of the) major things out of the way for Liq, now I have somewhat figured out where I will be uploading this story...

Well, it isn't a one-shot, so putting it on AO3 isn't quite needed for that reason. At the same time, it is erotica. Would I classify it as pointless erotica? I'm not quite sure, myself. Passions of the Lune/Possibilities on a Moonlit Night is definitely pointless. It's pretty much a one-shot, which I could probably make it into! 

...Huh. I'll have to consider that...

Otherwise, Liq is...well, it has a plot. Ish. So, for now, I'm considering putting it on Wattpad as a short erotic romance novella. 

I might change my mind, but that's that for now.

How does this sound?

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

LIQUORISH development #5 – Cover art

Firstly, I'd like to appreciate the change to the Liq logo:

Haha! Some color! Just a bit to be noticeable. It's not perfect, but...

Right, so, the cover of Liquorish has gone through...ah...a few variations...

For the vamp/were plots
For the Minkey/Garnet plot

Now, these two existed for good reasons!! They did. Both were for the first three original plot ideas. Of them, the only one that really sort of works is the second. If I was keeping said plot or at least the name Liq for the third variation, I'd probably still use the second cover. Maybe.

But since I seem to be going for this merfolk story...let's ignore both.

The new cover for Liq is...!

Looks pretty good, yeah? Decent, if nothing else. It was fun to make the tentacles. It really looks like an actual cover now, instead of whatever the hell those other two were.

Since this will take place in Daerth, the world of Human Shed Skin, I used the Trajan-Regular font, since that's my "unofficial" font for Daerth stories. 

Next, I think I'll work on when and how I should write this story...

Saturday, January 30, 2021

A Month of SHE'S ONE OF US

February, along with being Teasers & Excerpts Month, is A Month of She's One of Us! This novella, or what I intend to be a novella, takes place in the wonderful, well-developed world of Human Shed Skin. But before I get into what my intentions are for this month's project, let's go with the summary.

It needs some work, but that's okay...


Antonio Alighieri is a nephilim, the child of a Fallen and a human. As a lone inhuman hunter, he's had his fair share of foreign situations. Nothing was like the one that brought his adoptive daughter, Patiel, into his life. His daughter is his rock, his world, and a dearly beloved member of his destroyed family. But after a chance encounter, Patty's biological family discovers her.

This situation is entirely new to him, and the family she belongs to is murderous to bring her back. They will learn, however, the girl is not quite one of them.

Month's intentions

This month, I hope and plan to not only finish this story but possibly upload it to Wattpad despite it being its first version ever written. Who knows? So far, I'm thinking of working in the Wattpad editor and transferring the chapters to my PC later on. Sounds like the best plan of action, methinks.

By the way, did you know this plot is part of the third book in Human Shed Skin, Hybrid? This "Deviled Version" just happens to be from Antonio's point of view! When I finally get around to Hybrid, you will be reading it from Jean's perspective. Greatness, I tell you. πŸ˜›

Possible conflicts with T&E Month?

I don't particularly see this being a problem. T&E Month is all about uploading work I have already written, whereas She's One of Us [Deviled Vers.] has never been written before. I could also just work on it every day except the Fridays of the month...

Sounds solid.

To continue...

I cannot wait to start this! I have a great load of this story written, in fact, and it is otherwise fully developed in my mind. Who knows? I might even tease the original story that'll be seen in Hybrid during this month, too!

Friday, January 29, 2021

Final input needed for T&E Month!

So, ah...I see no one responded, either here or on Facebook, about what story they want to see teased and/or excerpted during February.

That makes me sad. πŸ˜”

I know you are out there, readers!! You have to give me a sign! Are you all okay? D:

Without input, I'll have to make the schedule myself, and that's kind of boring. I want to see what you all find interesting! Also, interaction for the win!

I think...

So, please let me know in the post on Facebook, the third link above, or on this post below! February is in two days!!

Thursday, January 28, 2021

Regarding AO3

You have to understand.

I love Archive of Our Own.

It's the best place for any fanfiction writer (sorry, and perhaps most fiction writers, too. It has an amazing and sometimes hilarious tagging system which is perfect for writers like myself who write...things, if you know what I mean. 😏

Because of this, I still want to stay relevant on the site.

So, I've decided on something I think is rather nice. A compromise, if you will. 

Since I have an older version of Inhuman on AO3, I thought I'd take it off its members-only restriction and add new excerpts!

I feel confident this might help with exposure, too. Goodness, I hope so...

This is also my way of thanking and keeping those who first found me on AO3 updated on current projects without being members of Wattpad and Facebook; or one of the two.

I think there are a few people who first found me on AO3 who did not go over to Wattpad...and the same goes for at least one person who followed me from both Wattpad to AO3 back to Wattpad again.

Goodness gracious, I cannot thank you enough for that, aslipoftea! I dedicated Inhuman to you, and I plan to make more dedications in the future—especially to a certain someone who has been my only constant interactive follower on Facebook since 2019!!

You know who you are! Thank you soooooooo so much! πŸ™‡πŸΎ‍♂️

Wednesday, January 27, 2021

INHUMAN update and new story ideas!


I did it! I finished the 5th version and 11th revision of Inhuman! I finished yesterday, and ahh, what a feeling that was. πŸ₯³

There might also be a bonus 30th chapter next month...! Look out for the announcement!

Now, for these next four days, before February's Month of..., I have to do something. Seriously, I do, otherwise I shall go insane. So, I was thinking of a new story idea—alright, it's two, actually.

Firstly, I finally came up with a more solid idea for that Minkey/Garnet idea I mentioned back when I was trying to figure out what to do with the original Liquorish thoughts...ideas...things. Hm, I hope that sentence made sense...

Now, the name might not seem like it makes sense, but I assure you, it does. Here is the (temporary) cover!


Feels like the darned thing is going to come at me any moment... o.o

The only thing that bothers me about this cover is the "That" is too close to Boy and Bitched. Ah, well. This is temporary...

What say you about it, folks? Could I do better? Can I do better?? Probably. But temporary covers are, well, temporary.

And now...!

Thursday, January 21, 2021

LIQUORISH development #4 – Plot

I've had a bit of input and was told this design for the Liquorish logo/title is best. We shall see how well that holds up in time.

This poor thing. It's going through its fourth proposed plot. Let's see what I have this time.

Idea #4

I've been inspired by Wattpad, lately (take that as you will). First it was werewolves and vampires, now it is merfolk. Only, since I like tentacles, I was thinking of a merman who is half-octopus half-human, like Ursula from Disney's The Little Mermaid. This could be...really fun.


Dero is a broken, bitter man. He wasn't always so. He once had a husband, Jorah, and they would fish out on the rowdiest seas with their companions. One day, Jorah fell overboard. Of all their friends, Jorah was the only one they lost. Dero, having jumped into the turbulent waves in a futile attempt to save the man he loved above all else, watched as the ocean drowned him before his eyes.

Today, Dero drinks like a fish. He talks to no one. He retired from his life as a fisherman and, unable to pull himself from the place his husband died, is instead a lighthouse keeper.

Perhaps, the ocean has plans for him. Perhaps, just perhaps, the strange, tentacled merman he swears isn't out there is a reincarnation of his dearly departed...

1: The trope of a fisherman who discovers a mercreature is one of my favorites

Tropes aren't bad if executed well. I believe I could do it justice. Said fisherman also having a deceased loved one is also a common trope, but gosh, do I love it. Why not have a homosexual twist to it?

2: The trope of the fisherman having an alcohol problem because of a dead loved one is also a favorite

Eventually, as more of my stories make it to the big outside world, you will come to find that a staple for my stories is alcohol. The main character has to have either an estranged, abusive, or other matter related to alcohol. This works particularly well because...

3: The fisherman's alcohol issue, whatever it may be, works with the title of the story

This is obvious. Also...!

4: The merman as a half-octopus goes with the tentacles seen on the story's cover/logo/title.

I particularly love this idea! I always did wonder why I decided to go with "tentacles" and swirls for the logo/title. This explains everything.


5: I've never worked on a merfolk story before

Throughout my entire writing life, I've worked with fey, Children of the Night, werewolves, aliens, demons, devils, angels, monsters, bogeymen, all the other staples. Except merfolk! It's about time I give it a shot.

To continue...

This is a much more interesting idea for Liq, wouldn't you say? What say you, in fact?

Personally, I'm done with vampires and werewolves...for now. I think this could be far more interesting, myself.

Does this idea for Liquorish sound more aesthetically pleasing than the others?

Other things...

I have an official 4th follower on Wattpad! Thank you so much!!

Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Proposed writing schedule until March #2

I'm having some problems with figuring out exactly what I'll be working on for the next two months. I have to figure it all out before February, so let's go.

Firstly, Inhuman's 11th revision is pretty much done. A win! I'm steadily uploading it to Wattpad and might have to speed up my uploads since I also want it completely uploaded before February. 

Originally, I was thinking of working on God Noise again after Inhuman, but I'm thinking otherwise now. I want to continue working in the world of Daerth, so that means either working on the 2nd rewrite of Human, the second book in the Human Shed Skin series, or working on a plotline seen in Hybrid, the third book in the series, called She's One of Us [Deviled Vers.]

Making up my mind is taking some time. 

At the same time, I kind of want to participate in the Now What? months (that take place after NaNoWriMo) by making my pledge to revise God Noise Vol. I vers. 4 in February. 

There's nothing wrong with not participating in the Now What? months. So, maybe I shouldn't fret so much. I truly thought I had this all figured out...

The second proposed writing schedule is such:

  1. January - Finishing Inhuman's 11th revision and uploading it to Wattpad
  2. February - She's One of Us [Deviled Vers.]'s initial draft (draft 0)
  3. March - ??
  4. April Camp NaNoWriMo - Beginning and finishing God Noise Vol. I vers. 5

So, March is open. Perhaps I should work on Human during March...?

There is also July's Camp NaNoWriMo. But I'll worry about that after April. The next quarter of the year can be figured out then.

That's how things are looking right now. It's fun to work through a story at a time during the year. I should do this forever. It's...fulfilling. 

In fact, next year can be the year I focus on Inverse Sequences...Hmm, something to think about! πŸ€”

Other things

I have my third (?) follower on Wattpad! It seems the original third follower decided to leave, but that's okay. I might get them back, who knows?

Ah, and now that it is midnight, I shall upload the next chapters for God Noise and Inhuman...

Sunday, January 17, 2021

Plans for Teasers & Excerpts Month 2021

There are two weeks left in January, meaning it is time to get ready for T&E Month.

*Ahem* Last year's Teasers & Excerpts Month wasn't all. So, we will act like this is the first time this is happening, yeah?

I have enough stories in the works and/or are brand new this year! If you would like an excerpt or teaser from any of them, please let me know! I'll be more than willing to upload some to AO3. More info on that when the time comes...

Here are summaries for a few stories:

Demon(s) and the Grimmworld

For millennia, humans and demons fought for the right to exist in the same world. At the center of the chaos is Azraello, a half-breed born from a twisted union of demon and human, on the run from those he once called family and friends. In the midst of sickness and peril, he learns of Valandau, a de-facto commander in a dysfunctional rebel group consisting of other hybrids like himself. The rebels shun the mindlessness of the war, and they have learned of a world much kinder than their own. 

The plan: Survive the plight of a bioorganic virus. The goal: Migrate to Daerth for a chance to live.

Darkness and Silver Lining

Every thousand years, the system of Reon's fate is determined by one of the two Essence Forces of Light and Darkness obtaining the power of a nigh-sentient comet. Alongside his comrades and his ward BriΓ©l, the Hilikzian knight Bastar intends to find aid in the form of a wary alliance between Light and another, far more ancient force against Darkness. However, he has secrets. He loves his ward, and he loves his best friend, Nevan. But only one of them knows the truth of his existence, that he is one of Darkness. 

He knows his aligned Force will fail in its attempt to snuff out the light. What even he wonders is whether he will be willing to perish with it when its time comes.

Human Shed Skin: Human (Book 2)

Five years after the new millennium, Jean continues to live as a merciless inhuman hunter, but with the added weight of being an inhuman, himself. He lives a dual life with his family and hunters on Isle Veni and his small family created with Celezar in Connecticut. As his fellow Hunters have learned from the past ordeals to work together and adapt, it is becoming harder to maintain his secrets. All the while, he learns of terrible truths that may be the catalyst he needs to break away from Lowell tradition. 

He will learn who the real monsters are—those who dare to show what they are or those who hide behind the guise of saints.


There are also the two stories, KING and Bugaboo & The Grinn King, which are a supernatural novella/short story that tells how Lucifer fell according to my shared universe, and a horrific, dark erotic romance with my "version" of Slenderman. 😝

You heard that right. Unfortunately, it's difficult to give them summaries right now, but I'll come up with them, eventually.

Finally, there is also Liquorish, as I've mentioned before. Which version of Liquorish would I work on during February?

That's up to you!

To continue...

That's a lot of stuff I can share! I'm excited for February. I'm glad to say everything has at least a chapter or two, if not long chapters, to share. I'm going to go forward with this even if I have to rewrite every

Goodness, help me.

But I am determined to make at least the beginning of 2021 an interesting one. I feel I let everyone down last year and in 2019. I'll do my best to trudge through. Ganbatte, me!

Pleasepleaseplease let me know which one of these (if not all!!) of these stories sound interesting. I'll go from there! I know I'm not the most proficient writer, but I am trying.

On the 28th, there will be a poll asking which of these stories you'd like to see as a full-length story...! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Proposed writing schedule until March #1

This is what things are looking like right now, as far as what I'll be focusing on until March.

Right now, it's the Month of Inhuman. It seems to be paying off—I only have roughly three more chapters to rewrite for this 11th revision and then BOOM! I am 100% done and can look forward to the rewrite of Human, Book Two in the Human Shed Skin subseries!

So, technically this is the first of two Now What? months as part of the follow-up to NaNoWriMo. Normally, I do indeed go over my NaNo story, which last year was God Noise Vol. I vers. 4, but I just wanted to give it a little break before I jump into it again in February. This way, I can still make my pledge!

So, as you can see, both this and next month are all about revisions, as I edit these 100k and 150k words. Whew, that's a lot of words combined. One day, I will be writing novels that long...!

Then, in March, as you can see, it'll be the second volume of God Noise. I might switch it to April since that is the month of Camp NaNo anyway. Hmm. In fact, I might just do that.

Perhaps I can try to work on Liquorish during March instead?

We'll see!

Also, thank you so much, first two people to follow me on Wattpad!! I'm glad you are enjoying Inhuman. It means so much to me, being my first completed novel and all. 😊

Don't think I've forgotten that February is also the month of Teasers & Excerpts! I'll figure out a schedule for that, too. 

Thursday, January 7, 2021

A Month of INHUMAN

I officially name January 2021 the Month of INHUMAN!...At least this version, anyway. I'm excited to say that this 11th rewrite of the story is going very well! It's over 110k words in and isn't even complete yet! I think I will complete it much earlier than expected, meaning as soon as my internet is stable again, I'll immediately upload at least two chapters a week—if not daily! 

I can't fricking wait for stable internet, I freaking swear...

As part of this month—or at least in eventual celebration of it—I've decided to share some outdated or alternate scenes from older versions of Inhuman, which is going to be thoroughly embarrassing. I'm only going to share what I think are the best of the best!

If I cannot upload to Wattpad or anywhere else by the end of the month, I'll surprise everyone with at least one one-shot from Celezar's perspective. It's one of my personal favorites!

Regardless, these scenes and one-shots will be uploaded to AO3. Remember, Wattpad and World Anvil are for full-length stories. 

I'm hoping it isn't too early to be jumping the gun on this. I am so tired of not having anything to upload due to my mental health or other real-life problems, I really am.

Also, if I am indeed unable to upload these stories onto AO3 this month, I will make it up whenever I get internet stability.

My alpha-reader is looking over Inhuman's 11th rewrite now, so hopefully, it won't have too many errors when I upload it.

Fingers crossed, everyone! 🀞🏾

Tuesday, January 5, 2021

New story idea! | LIQUORISH

Or this logo??
This logo?

It's a new idea, once again taking place in the universe of all my other stories (as part of the Paneidoverse).

Why am I talking about it if it is just a mere idea?

Well, I have to have something to work on while I wait for a better internet. And since I can work on the admittedly awesome Wattpad editor on my phone, I thought I would bring forth this new idea.

The thing is, this idea has already changed three times! First, it was a paranormal erotic romance, then it became a paranormal romance, and now it's...something else. Something strange but old. That's the best way I can put it. Old ideas, new ideas, mixed together...

Here are the two original summaries:

Sunday, January 3, 2021

2021 Plans

I will tentatively say, Happy New Year, ev'ryone!

A new year, new hopes. It opens with me working exclusively on mobile, so please excuse errors and such...

As I have announced on my Facebook page, my depression has been excruciatingly poor lately. Any and pretty much all development on my "Qarollverse" has come to a halt...

Yet, in spite of that, I managed to finish a brand new story anyway—my longest so far, in fact! 

Great googly moogly, what a year 2020 was...

I am also quite aware my plans to upload this and upload that have been all over the place since 2017. There wasn't a clear idea as to where I would situate myself as an author. There still isn't; I mean, there are a million places one can put their stories online. How does one choose??

So, I have chosen three for 2021 and, hopefully, beyond: Archive of Our Own, World Anvil, and Wattpad.

Each has a particular "role"...

Archive of Our Own

AO3, best known for allowing all and any content, will be the base for my "pointless smut"—as in stories that lack major plot and are completely sexual—and one-shots. Such stories include one already uploaded up there, Passions of the Lune, and the one-shots part of the Human Shed Skin series. 

World Anvil

World Anvil is the wonderful place for all major stories with major impacts on the worlds they are part of, such as Alice is Wunderlost for Wundergrund, Darkness and Silver Lining for Reon System, and so forth. Simple and clean.


Lastly, Wattpad is the place for all stories that will go onto World Anvil as well as stories that are standalones, such as Liquorish, Bebedarrl, etc. So, Anvilites and Wattpadders alike will have access to my major stories!

To continue...

And that's that. Hopefully it won't change in the next several years because, damn, there are just too many places to upload stories online. Can we all agree with that??

Because 2021 opens up with a million real-world complications and reasons for high anxiety, I cannot say what will be uploaded or when or how yet. After all, I am working on mobile right now. I can't even upload more chapters of God Noise onto Wattpad since the remaining ones are all on my PC.

What a mess...

For now, I am going to try focusing on my mental health, even if that means doing some things I really shouldn't be doing, such as stalling with my packing (to move). 

Also. This is the month of Human Shed Skin: Inhuman! I have revised a total of 22 chapters and have added two more for this 11th rewrite! This is the version I hope to upload onto WA and Wattpad, so...If I can finish it before the 31st, I will be a happy fool.

I might—just might—be able to have some entries up here pertaining to Inhuman vers 5, too...

That is is it, I think. Thank you for sticking with my madness for the past three years! Let us hope 2021 is the year 2020 was supposed to have been...

Or something.

Let's go for it!!